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アキレス腱治ったけどダンクの事はまだまだ… #basketball #バスケ

17” Desmond Regamasters

17 Brnz Rega set

I have a set of 17″ Regamasters for sale. This set is satin bronze and besides one or two VERY small nicks, the wheels are absolutely perfect! They are complete with black centercaps and non staggered 17×9 +38 sizing all around.  The wheels would look fantastic on S2000s, NSXs, Supras, IS300s, RX7s and tons of other cars! Buy these Regamasters and add some timeless style to your car!



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Nearly perfect satin bronze #regamasters in 5x114.3 17x9 +38 all around. Absolutely gorgeous wheels!!! #forsale #finalheaven #regamaster #desmond

17” OZ Futuras (In Stock)

17 Futura set

I have just gotten in some lovely OZ Futuras in 17 inch sizing. These true 3 piece wheels look good on tons of cars like late model Accord, TSX, RSX, NSX, S2000, IS300, RX7, Supra etc. They can be relipped easily for more sizing options as well. The wheels are complete with all caps. The wheels do have some curbing but nothing too serious. The faces have some nicks and scratches so if you want…

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17” BBS RS (In Stock)

17 BSRS set

Just received another set of BBS RSs. The wheels are 17×8 +35 17×9 +35 and 5×114.3. These are good sizes and high disk also so there is plenty of brake clearance for guys with big brakes. The wheels have a bit of curbing but nothing too serious. No bends or cracks to be seen. Overall they can look amazing with a polish and a little love.  Scoop up some nice RSs for a great price!!




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#datconcave #advan #tciii stoked to see these on the car Sergio!!!

#bbsrs #forsale 17x8 17x9 +35 5x114.3 #finalheaven

#ozracing #futura just came in! 17x8.5 17x9.5 +45 5x114.3 (flat backs so redrilling is ok) of course these are #forsale #finalheaven

Little leaves make everything look more elegant #bridejapan #ブリッド

All dem rims #thestruggleisreal #finalheaven #continuoushuzzle

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