Old Skool JDM

Cal loves vending machines @sayacafe_giracha

A wild #s15 #silvia appears #horie #osaka

This young lady has simply shit on the game with this latest stage of her 280z build. The SSR Jilbas on that black body is a PERFECT combination. Tip of the cap Ms. Siepka (@csiepka on instagram)

RS Aoyagi

RS Aoyagi

180sx with S30Z front end conversion (Z80). This is the only angle that the kit looks good

RS watanabes are ALWAYS a good choice

Circuit spec C230 Cedric. A rare sight indeed

#datsun #sunnytruck crew #b110 #b120

Scored a 4pt #Takata harness at the flea market for cheap. Stoked!! #notforsale #yourfleamarketsaintgotdeez

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