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17” GTR size BBS LMs (In stock)

17″ GTR size BBS LMs (In stock)

17 gtr BBS LM all3

I have a set of 3 17×9 +20 BBS LMs. Reverse mounting would make them 17×9 +5!! They are LMP073s and are in great condition. The silver faces and lips are very clean and the barrels/lips are crack/bend free. This is only a set of 3 but I can source a damaged 4th wheel for those interested. The last wheel’s barrel would likely be unusable but the face should be ok. If interested, please contact me…

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17” BBS LMs (In stock)

17″ BBS LMs (In stock)

17 SG BBS LM set

I have a full set of 17×8 +40 BBS LMs. The wheel code is LMP074 on all four wheels. There are two gold wheels and two silver wheels and all of them are crack and bend free. There are some curb marks and scratches on the wheels but nothing serious. The wheels can also be reverse mounted to take the offset down to +25. These are classy wheels and look great on everything. Buy now!!!




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